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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 5 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 123-132

Influence of Pranayama on Adjustment in School Going Adolescents

Dr Anup Nath1, Professor (Dr) B.P.Gaur2

1Senior Medical Officer, SHS, DGHS, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
2Former Head, Dept. of Science of Living and Yog, Director and Chief Editor of ‘YogPath’

Corresponding Author: Dr Anup Nath


Adolescent is emotionally unstable and unpredictable period, of psychological growth, as well as period of storm and stress. This is the time when personality development is ascertained and new adjustments have to be take place. Aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Pranayama on adjustment of school going Adolescents. A pre-and post experimental research design with control group is used in this investigation. Two groups of subjects, i.e., control and experimental deployed for this study. The subjects of experimental group underwent Pranayama practice i.e. Anulom-Vilom Pranayama with Antha and Bahya Kumbhak, internal and external respectively, for at least 30 minutes while subjects of control group engaged in normal activity.The subjects of both groups administered on Sinha and Singh’s AISS scale (Hindi version). The data collected on this test were analysed before commencing the intervention as Pre-experimental stage or phase. Post-experimental stage or phase-I. & Post-experimental stage or after 2 month and after 4 month of practce of pranyama respectively. The subjects of the experimental group decreased the mean scores of adjustment in all the three areas viz. Emotional, Social and Educational at highly significant level of p < 0.0005 at post-phase- II as compared to their pre-state of the experiment which indicates that subjects of the experimental group fully attain Good level of their adjustment.

Key words: Pranayama, Yoga, Stress, Adjustment, Adolescents.

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