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International Journal of Research and Review (IJRR)
Vol. 5; Issue: 9 (September 2018)

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1. Cost Variation Analysis of Oral Hypolipidemic Drugs Available In Indian Market.

Adnan Lakdawala
[ABSTRACT] [PDF Full Text] [DOI:]
Research Area: Medical Science, Pharmacology

2. Rate Pressure Product in Diabetic Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy at Rest and Under Stress.

Dr. Rishu Segan, Dr. Lily Walia, Dr. Naveen Mittal
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Research Area: Medical Science, Physiology

3. Straightforward Numerical Method to Understanding the Valence Shell Electron Pair Theory (VSEPR).

Vikram R. Jadhav
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Research Area: Chemistry

4. The Effect of Service Recovery of Member’s Health Insurance (Jaminan Kesehatan Anggota- JKA) Towards Consumer Satisfaction in Sae Dairy Clinic.

Fatma Dewi Mayasari
[ABSTRACT] [PDF Full Text] [DOI:]
Research Area: Economics

5. The Effects of Voluntary Disclosure, Audit Tenure and Audit or Specialization on Information Asymmetry with Audit Committee as A Moderating Variable in Banking Companies Registered in Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Ainul Mardiah, Erlina, Iskandar Muda
[ABSTRACT] [PDF Full Text] [DOI:]
Research Area: Economics

6. Basis of Civic Education in the Philosophy of Aristotle: A Nigerian Reflection.

Enyiaka J.U, Aminigo I.M, Osaat S. D
[ABSTRACT] [PDF Full Text] [DOI:]
Research Area: Education

7. Analysis of the Female-headed Households, Situation in India with Special Reference to Jammu and Kashmir.

Tariq Bashir Dar
[ABSTRACT] [PDF Full Text] [DOI:]
Research Area: Sociology

8. Tax Avoidance: Evidence of As a Proof of Agency Theory and Tax Planning.

Pasca Dwi Putra, Dedy Husrizal Syah, Tuti Sriwedari
[ABSTRACT] [PDF Full Text] [DOI:]
Research Area: Accountancy

9. Technical Efficiency of Pig Production in Enugu North Agricultural Zone of Enugu State, Nigeria.

Ume SI, Ezeano CI, Onunka B N, Agu C I
[ABSTRACT] [PDF Full Text] [DOI:]
Research Area: Agriculture

10. Interactive Multimedia Development to Prevent Drug Abuse among Elementary School Students.

Achmad Basari Eko W, Mulyoto, Sri Anitah W, Nunuk Suryani
[ABSTRACT] [PDF Full Text] [DOI:]
Research Area: Education

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