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Research Paper

Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume: 5 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 72-79

MongoDB with Privacy Access Control

Swetha Siriah, Bhushan Deshpande, Deepak Asudani

Department of Computer Science, KITS College, RTMNU University, Nagpur, India.

Corresponding Author: Swetha Siriah


Space, Time and Privacy has become a key requirement for data management systems. The, NoSQL data stores, namely highly compress data on non-relational database management systems, which provides data management of internet user program, still do not provide support. It consists of the enhancement of the MongoDB level based access protected model along with privacy keys for security and monitor. The suggested system monitor is easily used for any MongoDB application control with secured protection for data security.

Key words: Purpose-based access control, Privacy, NoSQL, data stores, MongoDB..

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