International Journal of Research and Review


International Journal of Research and Review (IJRR)
Vol. 3; Issue: 11 (November 2016)
Pages: 1-153
Date of Publication: 30.11.2016


S.No. Articles Pages Subject
1. Management of Pandu Vyadhi with Herbal Combination with Special Reference to Rasavaha Srotodshti.

Dr Priyanka Shamrao Hanmane
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1-4 Ayurveda
2. The Largest Risks Facing the International Banking System.

Caesar K. Simpson
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5-15 Banking
3. What Caused the Failure of Lehman Brothers? Could it have been prevented? How? Recommendations for going forward.

Caesar K. Simpson
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16-31 Banking
4. Improving the Biology Learning Results of Low Academic Ability Students by using Jigsaw and Guided Inquiry Learning.

Mursito S. Bialangi, Siti Zubaidah, Mohamad Amin, Abdul Gofur
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32-42 Biology
5. Photocatalytic Decolorization of Brilliant Blue Dye Using Zinc Oxide in the Presence of Sunlight

K. Namratha, K. Byrappa, B.K. Deepthi
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43-50 Earth Science
6. Mass Transfer with Tray Tower and Its Modeling: A Review.

Sunil Jayant Kulkarni
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51-55 Engineering
7. Oil Extraction and Perfume Formulation from Plants: A Review

S. J. Kulkarni
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56-58 Engineering
8. The Effect of Using Total Physical Response Method on Teaching English Vocabulary: A Study in a Saudi College-Level Context.

Abdulah M. A. Alhomaidan, Auwad K. Alshammari
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59-68 Linguistics
9. Patterns of Tourist Arrivals to Sri Lanka from Asian Countries.

Konarasinghe Mudiyanselage Udaya Banda Konarasinghe
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69-79 Management
10. Renorming of Banach Spaces with MIP and MIP*.

Gaj Ram Damai, Prakash Muni Bajracharya
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80-88 Mathematics
11. Statistical Item Analysis of Basic & Integrated Science Process and Skill Test (BISPST) Using Rasch Model and SPSS.

Rommel S. de Gracia, Melanie G. Gurat
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89-97 Mathematics
12. Histopathological and Direct Immunofluorescence Spectrum of Vesiculobullous Skin Disorders.

Dr. Gautam Goyal, Dr. Hilda Fernandes, Dr. Nada C.K
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98-102 Medical Science
13. Modified Tension Band Wiring in Medial Malleolus Fractures: A Prospective Study

Dr. Krishna Badgire, Dr. Gaurav Sharma, Dr. Lokesh Naik
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103-108 Medical Science
14. Isolation of Multidrug Resistant Elizabethkingia Meningoseptica from an Immune-Compromised Patient.

Dr. Sunita Agarwal, Dr. Rajni Sharma, Dr. Aruna Vyas, Dr. Pooja Gupta
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109-111 Medical Science
15. Stromal Sarcoma of Breast - An Unforeseen Rarity.

Dr. Evith Pereira, Dr. Shilpi Sahu, Dr. Reeta Dhar, Dr. Urshlla Kaul, Dr. Kalyani Mahore
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112-115 Medical Science
16. Maternal Working Status on the Performance and Behavioural Problems of Adolescence

Subin Mariya Jacob
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116-124 Nursing
17. An Understanding of Organizational Stress, Causes, Consequences and Strategies to Manage at Workplace - A Comprehensive Study in Muthoot Fincorp Ltd, Nanjangud Taluk of Mysore, Karnataka.

Akashraj DP, Devaraja R
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125-134 Social Work
18. Study of the Physico-Chemical Parameters of Eutrophicated Ponds before and After Restoration.

D. S. Das, P. C. Rout, B. N. Naik
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135-153 Zoology
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