International Journal of Research and Review


International Journal of Research and Review (IJRR)
Vol. 2; Issue: 7 (July 2015)
Pages: 391-480
Date of Publication: 25.07.2015


S.No. Articles Pages Subject
Original Research Article
1. Evaluation of Management Practices for Suppressing the Major Insect Pests and Growth and Yield of Soybean.

Ayesha Akter, Md. Nafijul Haque, Mst. Munjuri Akter, Mohammad Jasim Uddin, Md. Abu Hasnat
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391-397 Agriculture
2. Effect of Sowing Time and Seed Treatment on Growth, Yield and Quality Seed Production of Chickpea (Bari Chola-6).

H. E. M. Khairul Mazed, Israt jahan Irin, Mohammad Khairul Kabir Mollah, Syed Tarik Mahabub, Rashed Reza
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398-405 Agriculture
3. Detection of Anomalous Users in Web Applications Using Fuzzy Logic.

Rasoul Jourmand, Seyed Enayatallah Alavi
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406-414 Engineering
4. A Non-Experimental Study on Rural Maternal Health Status in Bangladesh.

Akkur Chandra Das
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415-422 Health Science
5. A Study on Signs and Symptoms of Stress and Steps to Reduce Its Harmful Effects with Reference to Amara Raja Batteries Pvt. Ltd.

N.Silpa, B. Masthanamma
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423-427 Management
6. A Relationship between Flood Occurrences and the Maintenance Works of SMART Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nuhu Isah, Maimunah Binti Ali
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434-449 Management
7. Comparative Study on Health Status, Cardiovascular Efficiency and Visual Reaction Time between Active and Sedentary Young Women.

Pintu Sil
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450-454 Physical Education
Review Article
8. A Review on Effects, Monitoring and Control of Noise Pollution.

Sunil Jayant Kulkarni
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455-460 Engineering
9. A Million Dollar Hope for the Practical People: Defence Mechanism and T.S Eliot's Pessimism.

Malay Saha
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461-464 Literature
10. A Review of the Literature on the Rolesand Features of SMART Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nuhu Isah, Maimunah Binti Ali
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465-475 Management
11. The Role of Statistics in Insurance Business.

Ntegereze Peter
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476-480 Management
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